Prof. Roberto Dugnani, Ph.D., P.E.

UM-SJTU JI - Summer 2014

Roberto Dugnani - Associate Research Scientist and Lecturer

Room 203 UM-SJTU Joint Institute, 800 Dong Chuan Road, Shanghai, 200240, China.  Tel: +86-21-3420-7210; Fax: +86-136-0174-8049


Stanford University 1999-2004 Ph. D., Aerospace Engineering 

Structure and Compoiste Laboratory (SACL)

Worcester Polytechnic Institute 1995-1997 MS, ME

Worcester Polytechnic Institute 1992-1995 BS, ME

Current Projects (Research Opportunities Available!)

Design of Low-Impedance PZT Transducers

Acoustic Imaging by EMI Technique

Crack Propagation in Thin, Brittle Materials

Effects of Residual Stresses in Crack Growth


Crack Propagation in Brittel Materials with Prof. Zednik   
Novel Graphene/Carbon Nanotube Composite Nano-Stractures for Li-ion Cells Electrodes with Prof. Li, Hua – Shanghai Jiao Tong University – Material Science Department


Ali Mohammadabadi - LAI Imaging for Damage Detection

Teaching Experience

University of Michigan - Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute

Santa Clara University

  • Mechanics I: Statics
  • Mechanics III: Strength of Materials,
  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Engineering Experimentation 

Selected Publications


Dugnani R, “Impedance-based Diagnostic Devices: Designing a 'Smart' Angioplasty Balloon and Other Novel Diagnostic Medical Devices,” published by VTM Verlag Dr. Müller, January 23, 2009.  

Journal Papers:

Dugnani R, Verghese P, “Failure Analysis of Modern Silicon Dice”, Int. J. of Applied Ceram. Tech., [accepted for publication, 2013]. 

Dugnani R, “Monitoring Adhesive Integrity of Disk-Shaped Piezoelectric Transducers by EMI”, Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures, 2013.

Dugnani R, “Dynamic Behavior of Structure-Mounted Disk-Shape Piezoelectric Sensors Including the Adhesive Layer,” Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structure, Vol. 20, 1553-1664, 2009.

Dugnani R, Chang FK, “In Vitro Atherosclerotic Plaque Characterization by Acoustic Impedance Monitoring, Part I: Sensor Modeling, Design, and Fabrication,” Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures, Vol. 19, No. 7, 815-826, 2008.

Dugnani R, Chang FK, “In Vitro Atherosclerotic Plaque Characterization by Acoustic Impedance Monitoring, Part II: Experimentation and Validation”, Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures, Vol. 19, No. 7, 827-835, 2008.

Iijima T, Ito S, Matsuda H, Dugnani R, Chang FK ; “Ferroelectric and Piezoelectric Properties of Disk Shape Lead Zirconate Titanate Thick Films,” Material Transactions, Vol. 45, No. 2, pp. 233-235, 2004.

Hermanson JC, Dugnani R, Johari H, “Structure and Flame Length of Fully-Modulated Pulsed Diffusion Flames,” Combustion Science and Technology, Vol. 155, pp. 203–225, 2000.

Hermanson JC, Dugnani R, Johari H, “Length of Fully-Modulated Diffusion Flames”, Chemical and Physical Processes in Combustion, pp. 349-352, 1997.


Recent Conferences:

Dugnani R, "Novel Transducer for Characterization of Low-Impedance Materials," Proceedings 4th Asia-Pacific Workshop on SHM, Melbourne, Australia, December 2012. 

Dugnani R, "Power Losses in PZT Disk Actuators Adhesive," Proceedings 8th IWSHM, Stanford University, CA, September 2012. 

Dugnani R, Pan Z "Analytical Model for Improved Residual Surface Stress Approximation," 2011 Fractography of Glasses and Ceramic Conference, Jacksonville, FL 2011. 

Research Interest

My research interests include the design and testing of medical devices, acoustic imaging, and non-destructive evaluation (NDE) techniques.  This includes Final Elements (FE) analysis of actuators, prototyping of piezoelectric sensors/actuators for acoustic imaging, designing of novel acoustic-based material characterization devices, and the development of novel impedance-based technique for medical imaging.

Industry Experience

For the ten years, I have worked as an engineering consultant at Exponent Failure Analysis Associates.  In my capacity as an engineering manager, I have gained practical experience assisting Fortune 500 medical companies with their FDA submissions, due diligence, and litigation needs. These years of invaluable experience at the top scientific engineering consulting firm also exposed me to a variety of multidisciplinary projects dealing with engineering issues beyond designing and reviewing medical devices.  Some of the engineering fields I specialize in and am strongly interested in are:

  • Failure analysis of medical devices (e.g., orthopedic devices, alumina hip sockets, NiTi stents etc.)
  • Performance testing of medical devices (e.g., material selections, corrosion resistance, surface finish, surface treatments, etc.)
  • Fracture mechanics of brittle solids (single crystal silicon, glass, glass-ceramics, etc.)
  • Composite structure analysis
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